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Big macs and burgundy - Wine pairing for the real world - front cover

Big Macs & Burgundy : wine pairings for the real world

Sancerre and Cheetos go together like milk and cookies. The science behind this unholy alliance is as elemental as acid, fat, salt, and minerals. Wine pro Vanessa Price explains how to create your own pairings while proving you don't necessarily need fancy foods to unlock the joys of wine. Building upon the outsize success of her weekly column in Grub Street, Price offers delightfully bold wine and food pairings alongside hilarious tales from her own unlikely journey as a Kentucky girl making it in the Big Apple and in the wine business. Using language everyone can understand, she reveals why each dynamic duo is a match made in heaven, serving up memorable takeaways that will help you navigate any wine list or local bottle shop. Charmingly illustrated and bubbling with personality, Big Macs & Burgundy will open your mind to the entirely fun and entirely accessible wine pairings out there waiting to be discovered - and make you do a few spit-takes along the way.
What to drink with what you eat - front cover

What to drink with what you eat

Prepared by a James Beard Award-winning author team, "What to Drink with What You Eat" provides the most comprehensive guide to matching food and drink ever compiled--complete with practical advice from the best wine stewards and chefs in America. 70 full-color photos.
Wine folly - Magnum Edition - Front Cover

Wine Folly Magnum Edition, Madeline Puckette

De uitgebreide wijngids van de makers van Wine Folly, boordevol nieuwe informatie voor zowel liefhebbers als nieuwelingen. Wine Folly werd een sensatie vanwege zijn inventieve, gemakkelijk te verteren benadering van het leren over wijn. Nu in een nieuwe, uitgebreide hardcover-editie, is Wine Folly: Magnum Edition de perfecte gids voor iedereen die zijn of haar wijnkennis naar een hoger niveau wil tillen.